Full Council Minutes 7th July 2016






Present: Cllrs R Taylor (Chairman), M Bowerman, C Cole, R Day, S Edwards, M Gibbons-Price, J Llewellyn, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell, S Ould, H Power, J Sear, D Seddon and G Simmonite


In attendance: Mrs J Stone, Clerk of the Council.


Members of the public: 1 member of public present


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and pointed out the location of the emergency exits and toilets


1. Apologies

283 District Cllr K Barclay and NSC PLO Natalie Field


2. Declarations of Interest

To receive Councillors' declarations of interests and to consider any written

application for dispensations

Personal interest

284 Cllr M Bowerman - Planning application no. 16/P/1403/MMA 30 Church

Lane, Backwell - acquaintance of applicant

Prejudicial interest

285 None

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

286 None


3. Minutes (Circulated)

287 The Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on the 2nd June 2016 were unanimously confirmed as a correct record by those present at that meeting


4. Public Participation

288 None

5. To receive such communications as the person presiding may wish to lay

before the Council

289 The Chairman thanked those Councillors who had attended the Somerset Storyfest event at Backwell Junior School this morning

290 The Chairman's comments were noted regarding the CPRE Villages and Towns

Under Siege event which several Councillors had attended


6. To answer questions from Councillors

291 None



7. To receive and consider reports and minutes of Committees

To receive the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 16.6.16

292 Noted


8. To receive and consider a report from the Clerk of the Council

a. To receive this report

293 Noted

b. Update on non agenda items

294 None


9. Update on Farleigh Fields

295 No update at present


10. Update on Moor Lane and to consider yellow lines and H Bar markings

296 The Chairman's comments were noted regarding proposals for dealing with

traffic problems in Moor Lane

Members noted the Chairman's comments regarding the S106 payment. Councillors were of the opinion that 2 bedroomed properties would be

preferable to 1 bedroomed ones

297 Noted


11. To consider traffic problems at Downside Road/A38 junction

Members were informed Bristol Airport were monitoring illegal right hand

turns into Downside Road, and passing on information to the Police, who

would be writing to vehicle owners

298 Noted


12. To receive, consider and approve Schedule of Meetings for January to December 2017

299 Resolved: Unanimously to approve



13. Update on vacancy for Parish Councillor

300 Members noted the vacancy was now being advertised to be filled by co-option,

and any applications received would be discussed at the 4th August Full Council meeting


14. To consider installation of safety railings at top of Dark Lane

The Chairman informed Councillors discussion was taking place with NSC

regarding the possible installation of safety railings on the narrow stretch of

Dark Lane leading up to the bend from the crossing patrol

301 Noted - to be discussed further at the 4th August 2016 Full Council meeting


15. To consider Backwell Festival

Discussion took place regarding Backwell Festival, which was held at

Backwell Junior School last weekend

302 Noted


16. To receive and consider reports from Working Parties of the Council/Cllrs

a. To receive update from Enhancement Working Party

303 No update at present

b. To receive update from Highways Working Party

304 No update at present


17. Accounts

a. To receive and consider Receipts and Payments schedule for June 2016 (checked by Cllr M Bowerman prior to the meeting)

305 Noted

b. To authorise expenditure for the month of June 2016

306 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise expenditure


18. Planning

a. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 14.6.16 re consultation

on North Somerset Local Plan 2018-2036: Pre-commencement Document.

Consultation deadline 21.7.16

307 Noted - no comment

b. To receive and consider letter from The Planning Inspectorate dated

14.6.16 re (Part of Bridleway LA 2/10, south of the current Stancombe

Quarry, between Backwell Hill Road and Bourton Combe, Backwell)

Public Path Diversion Order No. 4 2015

308 Noted

To consider the following planning applications:

c. Planning application no. 16/P/1356/F 27 Station Road, Backwell -

Erection of a first floor extension and alterations to the roof -

Mr Simons

309 Resolved: Unanimously no objection

d. Planning application no. 16/P/1363/TPO Woodlands at Nailsea Ponds,

Chelvey Batch, Brockley - Various tree works as per section 7 of the

application form available to view online - Hi-Line Contractors SW Ltd

310 Resolved: Unanimously no comment

e. Planning application no. 16/P/1366/TPO 16B Church Lane, Backwell -

T1 Cypress - fell - Glendale Services

311 Resolved: Unanimously no comment

f. Planning application no. 16/P/1403/MMA 30 Church Lane, Backwell -

Minor material amendment to application 15/P/1665/F (Erection of

a two storey side extension to north elevation) to allow alterations

to design to accord with site conditions and planning requirement

regarding overshadowing - S Falk

312 Resolved: By a majority decision no comment. 1 abstention

g. Planning application no. 16/P/1411/F 26 Farleigh Road, Backwell -

Erection of a two storey and a single storey rear and a single storey

side extension with new garage - Mr G Eddie

313 Resolved: Unanimously no objection


h. Planning application no. 16/P/1471/F 69 Church Lane, Backwell -

Single storey rear and side extension to bungalow including raised

decking area - Mr D Rogers

314 Resolved: Unanimously no objection


19. Confidential Items

315 Resolved: That pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings)

Act 1960, the Public and Press be excluded from the meeting for the

following items due to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted


20. Staff

Staff matters

316 Resolved: Unanimously as Jen Shove was taking early retirement at the

end of July 2016, the Clerk, in conjunction with the Office Working Party,

to commence the recruitment process


317 There being no further items of business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 2012 hours