Full Council Minutes 1st December 2016






Present: Cllrs R Taylor (Chairman), M Bowerman, C Cole, R Day, S Edwards, E Langston, J Llewellyn, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell, S Ould, H Power, J Sear, D Seddon and G Simmonite


In attendance: Mrs J Stone, Clerk of the Council and Mrs E Lacey, Office Assistant


Members of the public: 3 members of public present and District Cllr K Barclay


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and pointed out the location of the emergency exits and toilets


1. Apologies

469 Cllr M Gibbons-Price and NSC PLO Natalie Field


2. Declarations of Interest

To receive Councillors' declarations of interests and to consider any written

application for dispensations

Personal interest

470 Cllr D Seddon - Agenda Item no. 15 - Pedestrian safety in Station Road

Prejudicial interest

471 None

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

472 None


3. Minutes (Circulated)

473 The Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on the 3rd November 2016 were unanimously confirmed as a correct record by those present at that meeting


4. Public Participation

474 Mr M Rose, BRA, spoke regarding concerns if the proposed railings at Dark

Lane contain no gaps to enable pedestrians to cross the road safely


5. To receive such communications as the person presiding may wish to lay

before the Council

475 The Chairman informed members of a diseased Oak tree which had been removed

from Oakleigh Close. Members noted the Chairman was waiting to hear back from NSC's Tree Officer, Jason Cox

476 Members noted there was a delay in erecting a Christmas Tree on Spar Green.

However it was hoped to be erected next week


6. To answer questions from Councillors

477 None



7. To receive and consider reports and minutes of Committees

478 None


8. To receive and consider a report from the Clerk of the Council

a. To receive this report

479 Noted

b. Update on non agenda items

480 None


9. Update on defending Neighbourhood Plan

To approve expenditure of £5,000 + VAT in respect of legal fees

481 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise expenditure


10. Update on Moor Lane

482 Members noted District Cllr K Barclay's comments regarding legal



11. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 1.11.16 regarding

proposed removal of BT payphone from Fairfield Mead, Backwell.

Deadline for comment to NSC is 13.12.16

Discussion took place regarding the proposed removal of the BT payphone,

which members noted was of a modern design

483 Resolved: Unanimously BPC are in agreement with the payphone being

removed, and will inform Fairfield Mead residents of its proposed removal


12. To approve expenditure of £600 to install H Bar road markings in

lay-by outside Rodbury Court plus 3 parking spaces, Station Road,


Discussion took place regarding the proposals for H Bar road markings and parking spaces in the lay-by. Members noted all 4 households needed to approve any such installation (at present only 1 household had given their approval)

484 Resolved: Unanimously because of funding issues, if all 4 households in

Rodbury Court wish to have H Bars installed they will be required to

pay the full cost


13. To consider Nailsea & Backwell Station Accessibility Improvements

Members noted the further delay in accessibility improvements to Nailsea &

Backwell Railway Station, and were of the opinion it was totally unacceptable

485 Resolved: Unanimously a strongly worded letter be sent to GWR


14. To receive and consider correspondence from Avon Pension Fund dated 8.11.16 re options to pay the deficit payment due of £6,300 (2017/18 £2,000,

2018/19 £2,100 and 2019/20 £2,200)

a. Continue to pay monthly - £166.67 per month from April 2017

b. Pay on 1st April 2017 1 year £2,000 - save £100 over the full 3 year period

c. Pay 1st April 2017 3 yearly £5,900 - save £400 over the full 3 year period

486 Resolved: Unanimously to approve Option C


15. To consider pedestrian safety - Station Road, Backwell

The Chairman's comments were noted regarding a meeting he had attended

with concerned residents

487 Resolved: Unanimously a Working Party be set up to investigate ways of

making Station Road safer for pedestrians and report back to Full Council.

The Working Party to consist of Cllrs R Taylor, R Day and S Mitchell.

Cllr R Taylor to be Chairman (Cllr S Ould to be copied in)


16. To receive and consider draft Minutes of Bristol Airport Consultative

Committee's meeting held on 2.11.16

488 Noted


17. To sign Underlease for subletting part of Parish Office to Mr J Rugg

489 Resolved: Unanimously to sign Underlease


18. To receive and consider reports from Working Parties of the Council/Cllrs

a. To receive update from Enhancement Working Party

490 Cllr M Bowerman thanked everyone for their help at the Senior Citizens

Christmas Tea Party, and reminded members of the forthcoming Carols

Around the Crib event on the 15th December 2016

b. To receive update from Highways Working Party and to consider

request to NSC Highways to carry out speed checks on the A370

West Town Road

491 Resolved: Unanimously the Clerk and Cllr S Mitchell to find out

the cost of a speed check and traffic count from NSC, and report

back to Full Council


19. To receive and consider relevant correspondence

All correspondence is available in Parish Office for viewing, and is also available for inspection at the Parish Council meeting

492 Noted


20. Accounts

a. To receive and consider Receipts and Payments schedule for November 2016 (checked by Cllr D Seddon prior to the meeting)

493 Noted

b. To authorise expenditure for the month of November 2016

494 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise expenditure

c. To receive draft budget (including earmarked reserves) for 2017/18

495 Noted

d. To receive draft grant list for 2017/18

496 Noted

e. To authorise expenditure of £210 for renewal of Clerk's subscription to


497 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise

f. To authorise expenditure for annual subscription to Office 365 Business

at a cost of £90 plus VAT

498 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


21. Planning

a. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 7.11.16 re Site Allocations

Plan Publication Stage Consultation. Deadline for comments is Monday

19th December 2016

499 Resolved: Unanimously to submit proposed response to NSC

b. To receive and consider email from West of England Joint Planning dated 7.11.16 re consultation on West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study. Deadline for comments is Monday 19th December 2016

500 Resolved: Unanimously the Chairman and Clerk to respond on

behalf of Backwell Parish Council

c. To consider S106 Agreement (Farleigh Fields) as requested by NSC

The Chairman's comments were noted regarding suggestions for the

S106 Agreement

501 Resolved: Unanimously the suggestions to be submitted to NSC

To consider the following planning applications:

d. Planning application no. 16/P/2626/LDE Land at The Oaks, Downside

Road, Backwell - Application for a Lawful Development Certificate

for the existing use of the land as a car parking business - Mr & Mrs

Nicholas Ball

502 Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects as they

are of the opinion it does not comply with NSC's Green Belt


e. Planning application no. 16/P/2638/F Cider Farm, Backwell Common,

Backwell - Extension and alteration to existing dwelling - F Lamdin

and A Stuart-Hunt

503 Resolved: By a majority vote no objection so long as it complies

with NSC's Green Belt Policy. 1 abstention

f. Planning application no. 16/P/2639/LB Cider Farm, Backwell Common,

Backwell - Extension and alteration to existing dwelling - F Lamdin

and A Stuart-Hunt

504 Resolved: By a majority vote no objection so long as it complies with NSC's Green Belt Policy. 1 abstention

g. Planning application no. 16/P/2721/TPO Backwell Park near Backwell

Bowling Club, West Town, Backwell - T11 oak - clear lower lateral

limb from bowling club building by up to 2m; T16 oak - remove lowest

lateral limb; T12, T3-T6 mixed species - raise crowns to 2.75m - Swift

Tree Survey

505 Resolved: Unanimously no objection

h. Planning application no. 16/P/2739/F Cheston Coombe, Church Town,

Backwell - Erection of single storey workshop/warehouse with parking

and toilets following the demolition of existing workshop/warehouse/

garage with office - Mr T Lamb

506 Resolved: Unanimously no comment as unable to view the plans

on NSC's website


507 There being no further items of business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 2010 hours