Full Council Minutes 1st June 2017






Present: Cllrs R Taylor (Chairman), M Bowerman, R Day, M Gibbons-Price, E Langston, J Llewellyn, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell, S Ould, H Power and J Sear


In attendance: Mrs J Stone, Clerk of the Council.  District Cllr K Barclay


Members of the public: 2 members of public present


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and pointed out the location of the emergency exits and toilets


1.         Apologies

271      Cllrs C Cole, S Edwards, D Seddon and G Simmonite


2.         Declarations of Interest

            To receive Councillors' declarations of interests and to consider any written

            application for dispensations

            Personal interest

272      Cllr M Bowerman - Agenda Item 21 - Planning application 17/P/1100/F

            Prejudicial interest

273      None

            Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

274      None


3.         Minutes (Circulated)

275      The Minutes of the Annual Council meeting held on 18th May 2017 were unanimously confirmed as a correct record by those present at that meeting


4.         Public Participation

276      A local resident read out a statement regarding objections to planning application 17/P/1100/F 1 Robinson Close


5.         To receive such communications as the person presiding may wish to lay

            before the Council

277      The Chairman informed members of the sad news that Mr Peter Sewell, ex-

Chairman of both ALCA and Congresbury Parish Council, had recently passed away.  A card has been sent to the family

278      The Chairman updated members on a recent meeting he had attended with

representatives from Biffa and NSC to discuss the latest situation at Backwell Recycling Centre.  To be discussed further at the 6th July Full Council meeting


279      Agenda Item 21 was discussed at this point


Planning application no. 17/P/1100/F 1 Robinson Close, Backwell - Erection of a two storey rear extension and addition of side dormer - Ms Rachel Forbes

280      Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects as they are of the opinion it should be refused for the following reasons; it is out of character,

overdevelopment, loss of light and concerns about access to build the extension


6.         To answer questions from Councillors

281      None


7.         To receive and consider reports and minutes of Committees

282      None


8.         To receive and consider a report from the Clerk of the Council

            a.         To receive this report

283                  Noted

            b.         Update on non agenda items

284                  None


9.         To consider Christmas lights

            Discussion took place regarding options to enhance the festive lighting

            display in the village.  Cllrs S Mitchell and M Bowerman to consider

            the matter and report back to Full Council in due course

285      Noted 


10.       To consider future of Backwell Youth Club

286      Members considered the future of Backwell Youth Club and noted the

            Chairman's comments regarding the Youth Club Management Committee, who will present a report to the Full Council in September


11.       To consider reinvestment of Parish Council funds

            Discussion took place regarding the possible reinvestment of Parish Council funds

287      Noted.  A Finance Working Party to be arranged to discuss options available, and to report back to Full Council in due course


12.       To consider Beacons of Light (email circulated 11.5.17)

            Members discussed this matter

288      Resolved: By a majority decision not to proceed.  1 abstention


13.       To receive and consider draft minutes of Bristol Airport's Consultative

            Committee meeting held on 26.4.17

289      Noted


14.       Update on defence of Neighbourhood Plan

290      The Chairman's comments were noted regarding a recent letter received from

            the Planning Inspectorate


15.       To consider setting up a 2026-2036 Development Working Party and

            agree Terms of Reference

291      Resolved: Unanimously a Working Party be set up to consider options the Parish Council will have when the Emerging Sites progresses, and to report back to Full Council in due course.  The Working Party to consist of Cllrs R Taylor, S Mitchell, S Edwards, D Seddon, Mr M Rose and Mr C Perry


16.       To authorise expenditure of £129.17 plus VAT for purchase of computer monitor for Parish Office

292      Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


17.       To consider purchase of 70 x 2018 BPC Diaries (same as in previous years)

            at a cost of £3.31 plus VAT and shipping, total expenditure £292.43

293      Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


18.       To receive and consider letter from Bristol Airport Consultative Committee

            dated 23.5.17 re CAA Consultation - Draft Airspace Design Guidance (copy

            available in Parish Office).  Deadline for commenting is 5.6.17

294      Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council supports Bristol Airport's

            Consultative Committee on their proposals


19.       To receive and consider reports from Working Parties of the Council/Cllrs

            a.         To receive and consider update from Enhancement Working Party

295                  Cllr M Bowerman's comments were noted regarding the forthcoming

                        Backwell Village Fete

            b.         To receive and consider update from Highways Working Party

                        Cllr S Mitchell informed members he was waiting to hear back from

                        NSC regarding Station Road, Dark Lane/Church Lane - Backwell

Junior School, Westfield Road - West Leigh Infants School and Downside Road

296                  Noted


20.       Accounts

            a.         To receive and consider Receipts and Payments schedule for May

                        2017 (checked by Cllr S Ould prior to the meeting)

297                  Noted

            b.         To authorise expenditure for the month of May 2017

298                  Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


299      There being no further items of business, the Chairman closed the meeting at                        2037 hours