Planning Agenda Thursday 17 August 2017

Our Ref: Summons for 2017 Planning Committee (Quorum 4)



10th August 2017




To: Cllrs M Gibbons-Price, M Bowerman, S Edwards, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell, S Ould, J Stone and R Taylor


You are summoned to attend the next Planning Committee Meeting which will take place on Thursday 17th August 2017 at 1900 hours in Backwell Parish Hall, Backwell, to consider the business set out on the attached agenda. 


If you are unable to attend please give your apologies to the Clerk before the day of the meeting if possible, as we need to know whether we have a quorum.





1.               Apologies


2.   a.         Declaration of Interests

b.         To consider Dispensations


      3.   Public Participation


      4.   To approve Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 20.7.17



      5.   To receive and consider email from NSC dated 1.8.17 re Site Allocations

            Plan: Further Assessment of Residential Sites (response required by 21.8.17)



      6.   To consider the following planning applications:

            a.         Planning application no. 17/P/1734/NMA 20 Westfield Close, Backwell -

                        NMA for application 17/P/0791/F (Single storey rear extension and two

                        storey side extension and demolition of rear chimney stack) to replace all

                        windows with grey PVC-U.  To install grey PVC-U windows in extension

                        Mrs Hannah MacCallum-New

            b.         Planning application no. 17/P/1768/WT 60 Church Lane, Backwell -

                        2 x horse chestnut - sever roots if found during excavation works -

                        Hi-Line Contractors SW



NOTE: Members are reminded that they are required to provide Declaration of Interests prior to the appropriate agenda item and that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety and Human Rights.


Yours sincerely




Mrs Jane Stone

Clerk to the Council



Distribution list

Cllr M Gibbons-Price            

Cllr M Bowerman      

Cllr S Edwards

Cllr R MacLeavy       

Cllr S Mitchell           

Cllr S Ould

Cllr J Stone

Cllr R Taylor 

District Cllr K Barclay

Mr E Wood (BCAAC)


Clerk (3)