Strategy to defend our objections to the JSP and anticipated Taylor Wimpey planning application at Grove Farm

Backwell Parish Council as the lead organisation have set up a Working Party which includes representatives from both BRA and BR.  The objective is to look into making strong representation at the Examination Stage of the JSP to be held later in the year.  They are suggesting that we appoint a Planning Consultant to act for us, who would be very knowledgeable on the JSP, particularly the weakness of the soundness of the JSP document, and obtain specialist advice from a Barrister. The Working Party are also looking into engaging a Highway Specialist to look at the proposed travel hub and the supporting infrastructure in and around Backwell.  They will also consider engaging an Ecologist, and any other specialist thought necessary. 

It is important to remember this Working Party is representing all three organisations on behalf of the village of Backwell, all three of which will be involved in providing assistance with funding.  Updates to be given on a regular basis.  

Bob Taylor