Tarmac Liaison meeting 4th October 2017




In attendance was representatives from Flax Bourton Parish Council, Barrow Gurney Parish Council and Backwell Parish Council including three members from Tarmac and Joanna van Tonder the Community Fund Administrator.




Update from the quarry with regards to their extension in the Spinney pushing the quarry back to Long Lane to acquire more limestone and aggregates, and the completion of the building of the bund around the site.  It is the intention to encourage grass to grow on the bund and also building an observation platform to encourage residents to observe their progress.  It is to be accessed from the bridle path.




The management are still waiting for North Somerset Council to approve the amendments to the extending extra evening hours use for the asphalt plant. They already have permission, but need the wording to be addressed for such times when there are emergencies to supply asphalt for motorway repairs after an accident occurs.  This is nothing to do with the actual quarry, just the asphalt plant.




At the earlier March meeting, I raised concern with regards to the lay-by in Stancombe Lane and the mess.  A sign reminding drivers not to use the lay-by as a toilet.  At this meeting, Flax Bourton Parish Council also complained that their village orderly was very concerned as to the continual mess.




The Community Fund:  I cannot give much detail as to the recipients until the minutes are approved, but two from Backwell, three from Flax Bourton and one from Barrow Gurney have applied.







Cllr R Taylor


10 October 2017