Backwell Parish Council’s response to the JSP

Name or Organisation: Backwell Parish Council Q1. On which part of the Joint Spatial Plan are you commenting? Please see the note above. Chapter All Paragraph All Policy All Key Diagram All Q2. Do you consider the Joint Spatial Plan to be: Legally compliant? Yes No ü Sound? Yes No ü Compliant with the Duty to co-operate? Yes No ü Please tick as appropriate Q3. Please give details of why you consider the Joint Spatial Plan is not legally compliant or is unsound or fails to comply with the duty to co-operate. Please be as precise as possible. If you wish to support the legal compliance or soundness of the Joint Spatial Plan or its compliance with the duty to co-operate, please also use this box to set out your representation. The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) suggests a major expansion of Backwell (700 houses) and a massive expansion (2400 houses) [...]

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Bristol Airport CPO

Compulsory Purchase Backwell Parish Council has requested our Solicitor to give us advice on Compulsory Purchase. Some of our residents are quite worried, particularly those up at Downside as to their rights and their legal position when someone such as Bristol Airport instigate Compulsory Purchase on 8 properties mentioned in their Airport expansion programme. We will post this advice in the next few days. BPC are also in talks with the Airport about the suggested meeting in Backwell Parish hall on the 15th January 2018 and that transport will be laid on. Cllr Steve Mitchell feels that we need an earlier meeting up at Downside with ourselves and residents to fully explain the Airports intentions and more importantly let them know our concerns. Once arranged we will do a leaflet drop. We will also invite our neighbouring councils to attend.

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Bristol Airport – Compulsory Purchase

CPO – summary of the key points and guidance CPO The law and procedures relating to compulsory purchase are very complex. If you are affected by a CPO scheme then you will be entitled to compensation which will be assessed in accordance with the Compulsory Purchase Code. In most circumstances the costs of employing a professional representative will be included as part of the compensation to be paid by the acquiring authority. Below is a summary of the key themes of the process and what you can do if you are affected. […]

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Update on Parish Council activities December 2017

Parish Councillors were pleased to hear that the joint circular from the Parish Council, the Residents’ Association and Backwell Resistance had been delivered to all houses in the village. The Chairman, Cllr Bob Taylor, emphasised how important it was that as many villagers as possible should comment on the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP)on the North Somerset Council’s website, using information in the circular as a guide. He also said how pleased he was that the three organisations were working so well together in a common cause. However, as regards the outline proposal for 700 homes at Grove Farm, it would appear that, in theory, Taylor Wimpey (TW) cannot be prevented from submitting an outline application. The Parish Council still intend to meet TW to discuss the feedback received following their presentation, as well as to emphasise the strength of feeling from villagers opposing TW’s plans. All the organisations involved feel that TW [...]

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7th December 2017 Full Council minutes


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The Future of Backwell

Dear Resident, This letter to the whole village is sent for and on behalf of Backwell Parish Council (BPC), Backwell Residents Association (BRA) and Backwell Resistance (BR). It is available on the Facebook (fb) pages of the 3 organisations. It encourages all residents to comment on the proposals to build 700 houses on Grove Farm. […]

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Good news re funding for Station Road safety proposals

Backwell Parish Council were delighted to hear that Bristol Airport has given them a grant of £7,223-05 towards making Station Road a little bit safer for our pedestrians, particularly the hundreds of children who go to the nearby school. This generous grant will enable the council to complete phase 1 of the improvements, which will improve the road crossings. Signs will also be installed in an attempt to make drivers more aware of their speed and make them slow down on what can be a very unsafe road. The Parish Council can now progress onto phase 2 of the safety improvements which involves working with the school head teacher and governors together with North Somerset Council to look into the potentially dangerous mix of the cars, coaches and students entering via the single entrance to the school in Meadow Close off Station Road. The Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr [...]

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