The Parish Council have been trying to reduce speeding in Backwell and traffic calming measures (including a 20mph speed limit) are being installed into Station Road at present. In addition we have had a “Vehicle Activated Sign” in Rodney Road for a few weeks. On 28 August 2018 the sign was moved to Dark Lane where, as well as warning drivers, it will generate data on speeding both before and after the start of the school term. We expect the sign to be there for 2-3 weeks.

Information obtained from the sign and its possible location later in the year will be presented at the next Full Council Meeting.

Station Road Update: 24 Aug 2018

Dear all,
Another Friday evening update.
I really do appreciate you bearing with us whilst we complete the works. It has been a bit of a headache this week in terms of access due to the nature of the works and narrowness of the road. I have received a lot of queries and I am doing my best to relay the information I get from our Contractor.
Please find below details for the coming week under the road closure.
Mon (27th Aug) – No works Bank Holiday
Tues (28th) – Carriageway resurfacing along Station Road between The A370 – The Crescent
Wed/Thur (29th/30th) – Resurfacing of all bellmouths along Station Road (Station Close/Moor Lane/Waverley Road/Amberlands Close/Backwell Common/Westfield Road/The Crescent/Meadow Close/Embercourt Drive)
Wed/Thur (29th/30th) – Construction of 3no. speed tables at Waverley Road/Moor Lane and Embercourt Drive
Fri (31st) – Construction of 14no. speed cushions and refresh all road markings
Thur/Fri (30th/31st) – Cleaning out all the gullies
Trenching and ducting for the traffic signals near the railway bridge, adjusting kerbs, laying tactiles at drop crossings, replacing ironwork, installing posts and signs for the 20mph (Tue 28th Aug – Fri 7th Sept – the first week in September will be back to temporary traffic lights).
I appreciate the works may cause some inconvenience. We want to do a thorough job, which will hopefully mean not returning for 10+ years.
The programme is tight but the contractor has assured us they will do their upmost to complete all necessary works within the remaining programme.
As always if you have any queries, the Traffic Marshals on-site will have the most up-to-date information on the exact whereabouts of the contractor each day and best points of access.
I will endeavour to update you all again next week.
Enjoy the long weekend – it has been a long week.
Kind regards,
James Dawson
Highway Engineer
Engineering and Design
Development & Environment