Update on Station Road, Backwell

Dear all,
You may have observed the contractor has been unable to complete some of the works proposed for this week.
The small raised table between Moor Lane and Waverley Road junctions and all the speed cushions are incomplete. The material was supposed to be delivered at 9.30am but the first load of asphalt concrete turned up at 12.15pm. This is a combination of plant breakdown / quarry, impact on other regional deliveries and Friday traffic. One option was to extent the closure today up until the works were completed but due to an accident on the M5 presenting additional traffic on the A370 and no guarantee on material slot it was not progressed.
North Somerset do not wish to prolong or promote any further closures, and so the Contractor will complete the above surfacing elements utilising portable temporary traffic lights between school hours next Monday and Tuesday. Any outstanding lining will be picked up later in the week.
Works will continue most of the week on the footpaths under temporary lights to install tactile paving at mobility crossing points and where footpath resurfacing is scheduled. The traffic signals at Backwell shuttle will be installed and commissioned over the week with loop cutting programmed on the evening of Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm utilising temporary lights and stop/go boards.
I can only apologise for the delays and thank you for bearing with me whilst the contractor completes the final works.
The end is in sight.
Best regards,
James Dawson, Highway Engineer, North Somerset Council