Full Council 7 February 2019

Agenda Papers 0. Summons 3.0 Full Council Minutes 15 January 2019 and Approval for Budget, Grants and 2019 /20 Precept 8.0 Clerks Report 9.0 Police Report for Backwell January 2019 14.0 Gardening quotes 15a. Enhancement Working Party Report 15c. Report on Backwell Village Neighbourhood Plan 15d. Rights of Way Update 7/2/19 16a. Receipts and Payments      

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Local voluntary organisations can apply for grants from the Parish Council by sending in our application form to the clerk.  That needs to be completed and returned by the 31st August.  Following review in the Finance working party, Full Council decides about the applications at the January budget meeting, and applicants will be notified of the outcome following that meeting.  Successful applicants will receive funding during the April Annual Parishioners meeting. When approved the grant schedule forms part of the Minutes and so is uploaded to the website including details of all applications and amounts requested/approved. The Parish Council is also represented in some village charities / funds which can help individuals.