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11 February 2019, AGM in the Backwell Village Club BACKWELL ALLOTMENTS Grow your own fruit, veg and flowers! We currently have no one on the waiting list, which is kept by Backwell Parish Council, owners of the field. At this time of year, the leases are due for renewal and it is usual for a few people to give up. Plots are given out in strict chronological order, so any resident thinking about applying is advised to put his/her name on the list without delay. Keeping a plot tidy and productive needs frequent visits, time and effort, as the weeds enjoy the good conditions as well as the crops! However, the rewards are considerable. Please contact Backwell Parish Council (01275 464653) to register your interest, or Geoff Wells (01275 462627), to find out more. Newcomers will be made very welcome, and at our AGM in the Backwell Village Club on [...]


Full Council 15 January 2019

Agenda DRAFT MINUTES Papers: 3 Minutes 6 December 2018 7 Planning Minutes 20 December 2018 8 Clerk's Report 9 Budget and Precept 10 Playground quotation 11 Police Report 12 Dog Waste bins 14a Enhancement Working Party report 14d Office WP Report 15 Receipts and Payments        

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Full Council 6 December 2018

Agenda Papers 3 Minutes of November meeting 7 Planning Committee 15 November 2018 minutes 8 Clerk's Report 9 Police Report 10 Parking Review 13b Highway's Working Party Report 13d Rights of Way Working Party Report 13g Communication Working Party Report 14a Receipts and Payments 14c BPC Draft budget 14d Grants 14e Internal Auditor Report 15a JSP Technical Consultation Notice Minutes

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Full Council 1 November 2018

Agenda   Papers: 3. Minutes of 4 October 2018 7. Planning Committee 18 October 2018 Minutes 8 Clerk's Report 9 Police Report 13 Backwell and Flax Bourton Cricket Club email 14 Grant Application 16a Enhancement WP Report 16d Rights of Way WP Report 17a Receipts and Payments   Minutes      

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