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6th August 2020 Full Council meeting

6th August 2020 Summons 6.8.20 Full Council meeting agenda Full Council Minutes 2.7.20 Councillor question Draft Planning Minutes 16.7.20 6.8.20 Clerks Report Planning Committee Terms of Reference Survey ROW Update General Power of Competence 2021 Meeting Schedule Ash Tree quote Play Areas Risk Assessment Play Areas Signage West Leigh Infant School Draft Bristol Airport C.C. minutes July 2020 Police Report Receipts & Payments Schedule  

6th August 2020 Full Council meeting2020-07-30T09:16:09+00:00

Full Council Meeting 2 July 2020

0.0 Summons 0.1 Agenda 2 July 2020 2.0 Declaration of Acceptance of Office 5.0 Full Council Minutes 5 March 2020 (Draft) 9.0 Clerk's Report 10a. Annual Internal Audit Report 2019/2020 10b. Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2019/2020 10c. Section 2 - Accounting Statements 2019/2020 11a. Planning recommendations submitted to North Somerset Council 11c. Bristol Airport Application Coordination Status 16a. Development Working Party Report 16b. Development Working Party Strategy 16c. Development Working Party Survey 19ai. Receipts and Payments 26 March 2020 19ai. Receipts and Payments 30 April 2020 19ai. Receipts and Payments 4 June 2020 19ai. Receipts and Payments 2 July 2020 19aii. Grants Financial Year 2020/2021 19e. Internal Audit Report (Final Update) 2019/2020

Full Council Meeting 2 July 20202020-06-26T09:18:43+00:00