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Fibre broadband

Some parts of the village of Backwell have fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband, but many others do not. We have been told the more people who check availability and then register for fibre broadband here, the higher up the list for implementation Backwell will be. So if you are hoping to have FTTC as soon as possible, please use the above link including entering your postcode and intention to use FTTC when available.

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Full Council 6 June 2019

0.0 Summons 0.1 Full Council Agenda 6 June 2019 4.0 Annual Council Minutes 16 May 2019 9.0 Clerk's Report 10.0 Police Report for Backwell May 2019 12.0 Proposal 20 mph speed limit 15.0 Bristol Airport Consultative Committee Draft Minutes 24 April 2019 17.0 Dog Waste Bins Report 23a Enhancement Working Party 24a Receipts and Payments for May 2019 Full Council Minutes 6 June 2019 - Draft    

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Declarations of Members Interests

Councillor Dorothy Baker Councillor Maureen Bowerman Councillor James Cousins Councillor Richard MacLeavy Councillor Zoe O'Keefe Councillor Sarah Ould Councillor Hilary Power Councillor Paul Ramos Councillor Derek Seddon Councillor Peter Soothill Councillor Robert Taylor Councillor Katie Williams    

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Working Parties 2019-20

Click on the Working Party names below to see recent activity: . COMMUNICATIONS Dot Baker, Zoe O’Keefe, Hilary Power, Paul Ramos DEVELOPMENT 2018-2036 Dot Baker, Karen Barclay, James Cousins, Shirley Edwards, Lorraine Hopkinson-Parker, Michael Pratt, Michael Rose, Derek Seddon, Peter Soothill, Katie Williams (Observer: Bridget Petty) ENHANCEMENT Mo Bowerman, Sarah Ould, Paul Ramos, Derek Seddon, Bob Taylor, Katie Williams FINANCE Mo Bowerman, James Cousins, Sarah Ould, Hilary Power, Bob Taylor HIGHWAYS Dot Baker, Richard MacLeavy, Zoe O’Keefe, Hilary Power, Katie Williams OFFICE Mo Bowerman, Peter Soothill, Bob Taylor RIGHTS OF WAY Richard MacLeavy, Sarah Ould, Hilary Power, Paul Ramos, Derek Seddon Full list of Councillors and Representation on External Organisations.

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Annual Council Meeting 16 May 2019

Agenda 0.1 Full Council Minutes 4 April 2019 8.0 AGAR 2018/19 12.0 Working Party and Committees 2019/2020 14.0 Deeds and Trust Instruments 18.0 Clerks Report 24.0 Planning Committee Minutes 18 April 2019 25a Receipts and Payments 16 May 2019 25c Internal Audit Report Final update 2018/19 29.0 EWP Report 30a Bristol Airport Limited re planning Annual Council Minutes 16.5.19

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