5th September 2019 Full Council

Summons 5.9.19 5.9.19 Full Council meeting agenda 1.8.19 Full Council minutes 5.9.19 Clerk's Report August Police Report NSC New Street Cafe Policy Consultation NSC Revision of Street Trading Policy Consultation NSC Permit Scheme consultation Draft Grant Policy Draft Minutes Bristol Airport Consultative Committee EWP Report 5.9.19 R & P Schedule AGAR 2018/19

5th September 2019 Full Council2019-09-06T07:29:19+00:00

Annual Parish Meeting of Electors 25 April 2019

Agenda 25 April 2019 Minutes 26 April 2018 Draft 25.4.19 APM Minutes Reports: Youth Club Backwell Charities Clerk's Financial Report Backwell Resident's Association Report Allotments Report Police report Chair's report Playing Fields report Bristol Airport Consultative Committee Presentation

Annual Parish Meeting of Electors 25 April 20192019-05-15T13:55:47+00:00

Full Council 4 April 2019

0. Summons 0.1  Agenda 3.0 Full Council Minutes 7 March 2019 7.0 Planning Minutes 21 March 2019 8.0 Clerk's Report 9.0 Police Report for Backwell March 2019 13.0 Stancombe Quarry Local Liaison Group 16.0 Update on Moor Lane Development 19i Receipts and Payments Schedule for March 2019 19ii Grant Financial Year 2019/2020 Schedule 4th April 2019 Minutes    

Full Council 4 April 20192019-05-17T11:16:51+00:00

Elections 2nd May 2019

Notice of Parish Council Election Notice of North Somerset District Election Notice of Uncontested Election Parish Council nomination form Elections 2019 Co-Option Vacancies Declaration of Result of Poll    

Elections 2nd May 20192019-05-07T10:40:28+00:00