Remembrance Service 2018

Order   Report   Photo of Royal British Legion Certificate Photos of Poppy-Man made by Backwell School

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Enhancement Working Party Reports

Enhancement WP report 6 Sept 2018 Enhancement WP Report 15 January 2019 Enhancement WP Report 5 February 2019  

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Christmas tree

For over a decade the Parish Council has erected a Christmas tree in the center of the Village, and holds a Carols Around the Crib event in the Parish Hall.

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Community Connect

Community Connect is a service run by Curo (in partnership with WERN) covering the whole of North Somerset. The service has Community Agents and Community Development Workers working actively with people throughout the area to link them with information and support. The purpose of the service is to support people to stay connected, supported and active in their communities so that they can remain living independently at home for as long as possible. The service is different to Care Connect, the local authority call centre for information on Health & Social Care. With Community Connect there is the opportunity for someone to have face to face contact with a representative (via a home visit to tease out issues that may be of concern to people in a more informal way]. Community Connect improves awareness of services, providing support and advice to help people access the services they need. This may [...]

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