The Council year runs from May

The year starts at the annual meeting when a Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the councillors. In all our meetings there has to be a quorum to pass resolutions (minimum of either three Councillors or one third of the Council).

Councillors are elected for a 4 year term. If a vacancy occurs during this term, it can be filled by either an election or by co-option. The next election (for the whole Parish Council) will be held in May 2019. and more information and how to stand is now available.

In Backwell we have one main Council Meeting per month and two weeks later we have a Planning Committee Meeting. The Council spends a significant amount of time considering development such as house building within the Parish of Backwell.

We post our policies, accounts and papers relating to our meetings. We are developing a Diary / Calendar of Events (below) but it is work in progress:



Peter Soothill

Vice Chairman

Bob Taylor


Dot Baker


Mo Bowerman


James Cousins


Shirley Edwards


Joan Llewellyn


Richard MacLeavy


Steve Mitchell


Zoe O’Keefe


Sarah Ould


Hilary Power


Derek Seddon

Clerk to the Council

Jane Stone

Office Assistant

Elizabeth Lacey

Village Orderly

Howard Jones

What We Do

A Council (a Parish Council in a rural area is the same as a Town Council in towns) must do what Parliament requires it to do and must only do what Parliament says it may do.

One of the most important things we do is to set a local precept (tax) for the year which is used to fund all expenditure by the Council. Once a year we give grants to local voluntary organisations who ask for help. This is not automatic and has to be approved by the Council.

Part of the regular work of our Parish council is informing and contributing to North Somerset Council’s planning system. In addition we respond to consultations relating to major proposals in and around our Parish. For example, we have a Working Party looking at development of the village until 2036, trying to influence and inform the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and the North Somerset Council Local Plan and Bristol International Airport. We can influcence other organisations such as North Somerset Council or local Members of Parliament.

We are non political and all Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers. We make Declarations of Interest to the North Somerset Council Register and our Code of Conduct is available.