Present: Cllrs R Taylor (Chairman), M Bowerman, R Day, S Edwards, M Gibbons-Price, E Langston, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell, S Ould, H Power, J Sear, D Seddon and G Simmonite

In attendance: Mrs J Stone, Clerk of the Council

Members of the public: 3 members of public present

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and pointed out the location of the emergency exits and toilets

1.         Apologies

061      Cllrs C Cole and J Llewelllyn.  District Cllr K Barclay

2.         Declarations of Interest

            To receive Councillors’ declarations of interests and to consider any written

            application for dispensations

            Personal interest

062      None

            Prejudicial interest

063      None

            Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

064      None

3.         Minutes (Circulated)

065      The Minutes of the Full Council meetings held on the 12th and 19th January 2017 were unanimously confirmed as a correct record by those present at that meeting

4.         Public Participation

066      None

5.         To receive such communications as the person presiding may wish to lay

            before the Council

067      The Chairman thanked Cllr H Power for her informative reports, published

monthly in the Village Magazine

068      The Chairman informed members a consultation on Public Space Protection

            Orders would be discussed at the 2nd March Full Council meeting

069      Members noted a planning application for the New Inn site would be submitted


070      The Chairman spoke of an email received from Tickenham Parish Council regarding the effect of proposed development in Nailsea on roads throughout neighbouring villages, and they have suggested a collective representation be made to North Somerset Council

6.         To answer questions from Councillors

071      None

7.         To receive and consider reports and minutes of Committees

072      None


8.         To receive and consider a report from the Clerk of the Council

            a.         To receive this report

073                  Noted

            b.         Update on non agenda items

074                  None


9.         Update on defending Neighbourhood Plan

075      The Chairman updated members on the proposed defence of Farleigh Fields,

            and asked that residents attend the Appeal hearing in March.  Members

            were also updated on the likely legal costs

10.       Update on Moor Lane

076      The Chairman informed members the Parish Council were still waiting to

            hear from the developer with the proposed mix of houses


11.       To receive, consider and approve Statement of Risk Assessment and


077      Resolved: Unanimously to approve

12.       To receive, consider and approve updated Financial Regulations

078        Resolved: Unanimously to approve

13.       Senior Citizens Tea Party

            To consider holding a Tea Party in November 2017 and approve expenditure of


079      Resolved: Unanimously to approve

14.       To consider parcel of land adjacent to shops in Station Road

            Members discussed this area, and efforts were being made to find out who it

            belonged to.  Cllr S Mitchell to contact Mr David Bailey at NSC and report

            back to Full Council

080      Noted

15.       To consider update and purchase of additional Christmas lights

            Members discussed purchasing additional Christmas lights

081      Noted – to be discussed further at the 1st June 2017 Full Council meeting


16.       To receive and consider letter from Lions Club of Nailsea dated 11.1.17 regarding proposals for a gift to be made to the local community

082      Noted – The Chairman to discuss with the Lions Club and report back to

            Full Council in due course


17.       To authorise installation of wi-fi for leased office at Parish Office

083      Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


18.       To authorise change of date for November Planning Committee meeting

            from Thursday 16th November 2017 to Wednesday 15th November 2017

084      Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


19.       To authorise change of start time for 7th December 2017 Full Council meeting

            from 7.30pm to 6.30pm – Chairman’s drinks to follow after meeting

085      Resolved: Unanimously to authorise


20.       To receive and consider reports from Working Parties of the Council/Cllrs

            a.         To receive and consider report from Enhancement Working Party

                        Members noted the EWP report.  Date still to be set for Carols

                        Around the Crib.  The Fun Day to take place on Saturday 10th

                        June 2017 in Backwell Playing Fields.  The Chairman thanked

                        Cllr M Bowerman and the Enhancement Working Party for all

                        their efforts

086                  Noted

            b.         To receive and consider report from Cllr S Mitchell re Station Road

087                  Resolved: Unanimously to authorise all recommendations contained

                        within the Station Road Working Party report

            c.         To receive and consider report from Cllr S Mitchell re Hyatts Wood Road

088                  Members noted the report


21.       Accounts

            a.         To receive and consider Receipts and Payments schedule for January                                 2017 (checked by Cllr D Seddon prior to the meeting)

089                  Noted

            b.         To authorise expenditure for the month of January 2017

090                  Resolved: Unanimously to authorise expenditure

22.       Planning

            a.         To receive and consider email from NSC dated 20.1.17 regarding NSC

                        Call for Sites 2017 consultation.  Response required by 17.2.17

091                  Noted

            To consider the following planning applications:

b.      Planning application no. 17/P/0047/F 1 Westhaven Close, Backwell –

Single storey side extension with pitched room – Mrs H Brooks

092            Resolved: Unanimously no comment

c.       Planning application no. 17/P/0048/TPO 62 Farleigh Road, Backwell –

T1 beech – prune lowest lateral branch to first form from main stem on

westerly facing side.  Re-balance crown by removing outer leaders in

crown by up to 1m – Swift Tree Surgery

093           Resolved: Unanimously no comment


d.      Planning application no. 17/P/0095/F Former Railway Compound,

Backwell Bow, Backwell – Erection of a single storey partially

earth sheltered dwelling – Mrs H Ayres, c/o Agent

094              Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects.  The

                  area is Green Belt, and it is out of keeping with the area.  It is

                  too close to the cycle path, and on a blind bend that is an accident

                  spot, especially to cyclists.  Backwell Bow is a flood area, which has a

                  history of flooding including several incidents in recent years.  Moving

                  such a large amount of earth to develop the property will only

                  exacerbate this issue


095      There being no further items of business, the Chairman closed the meeting                         at 2030 hours