Notice from Backwell Parish Council to all residents – 9 November 2017 


There have been lots of planning activity relevant to Backwell going on behind the scenes, over the last few months, much of it as a result of changes to Planning policy, and outside of the Parish Council’s control. In summary:

  • Following National Government policy changes and a directive from a Government Inspector reviewing parts of North Somerset’s Core Strategy, it has been necessary for North Somerset Council (NSC) to bring forward their long term strategy. It is now to commence from 2016, not 2026.

*    This in turn has significant potential consequences for Backwell’s

Neighbourhood Plan, which may no longer be the prime decision making tool for development in the village.

*    The four unitary authorities in this part of Western England (including NSC)

      have combined to produce a draft Joint Spatial Plan for the period 2016 –

      2036. This is still very much in draft form, and the public is invited to make

      their comments on it (with a deadline of 10 January 2018).

      More details on how best to do this to follow in due course.

*   The potential significance of these proposals for Backwell are enormous –

     including the possibility of a further 700 homes to be built on the edge of the

     village, on the site of Grove Farm.

  • A major national developer, Taylor Wimpey (TW), has proposals for how,

            when and where these houses can be built, and will be presenting them at an

            “open day” on 9 November at the Parish Hall.

/continued overleaf

*    It should be stressed that, at this stage, no decisions have been made, this is

      part of a on-going consultation process, and that there will be strong views for

      and against many of the proposals.

*   The Parish Council’s Working Party has been monitoring all these proposals

     over the last few months, attending numerous meetings with stakeholders and

     NSC officers.  They have yet to come to a clear decision on exactly what to

     recommend to the Parish Council, but this will come in due course after

     listening further to the proposals of TW, a presentation from NSC (on 30

     November) and the views of residents.

*   The Parish Council wish to actively canvas residents’ opinions and then hold

      their own “open day” during December. At this event the Council will brief

      residents on their draft recommendations but be open to feedback and

      discussion. A final plan of Action will then be formulated.

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