Last Thursday’s Full Council meeting started with a presentation from Taylor Wimpey (TW) to Parish Councillors on their Moor Lane planning application, and the final mix of 65 homes which they submitted last week after many months of talks with Backwell Parish Council (BPC) and North Somerset Council (NSC). The breakdown is posted separately on our website, as is the latest explanation of the Farleigh Fields decision and its implications.

BPC approved the principle of engaging professional help to represent both Backwell Residents Association (BRA) and Backwell Resistance (BR) in relation to the JSP at Examination level. The Examiner will be looking at the JSP in relation to the whole of the West of England Partnership and then would look at the five partners separately, including North Somerset, and would hopefully invite those who have concerns about its soundness to substantiate their comments and that’s when we would need to have experts to speak on our behalf. One would presume that the Examiner would agree in principle that the JSP ticks a lot of boxes, but we need to convince him that some minor amendments need to be made in relation to Backwell and the serious impact of 700 homes and the proposed infrastructure of a main transport hub.

The 2018-2036 Working Party are seeking experts that could assist us and at the same time being aware of the on-going costs. At this present time it is envisaged that the cost would be divided between the three parties, even though both BRA and BR could not guarantee a final amount it would help BPC to know on a

monthly basis the response to their fund raising.

On a similar subject the proposed Taylor Wimpey outline planning application for 700 homes on Grove Farm has not yet been submitted to NSC, although we would presume it to be later this month. BPC would need to comment on it as they are part of the planning procedure, and we would be able to call on the experts that we are engaging for the JSP.

The Meeting Point are preparing a display in the telephone box by the chemist in West Town Road to celebrate Easter, and Cllr Emma Langston suggested that we do something with the other telephone box in Westfield Close, like a library where residents can take and swap books.  This idea will be discussed at the next Full Council meeting on the 1st March.

The Station Road Safety Working Party are pressing NSC as to when they can instigate the agreed safety improvements to Station Road. We are also getting a quote to maintain some of the overgrown bushes and hedges by the junction of The Crescent and its bus stop along with other areas to improve students’ safety. The meeting has not yet been confirmed with NSC and the School Governors with regards to the single entrance through Meadow Close.

Cllr Bob Taylor