Under Public Participation: Mr Michael Pratt gave an update on Backwell Youth Club and their application for a further two items of funding which will be considered at the 5 April 2018 Full Council meeting.

Cllr R Taylor attended a meeting at North Somerset Council (NSC) regarding their  forthcoming budget.  NSC have invested money into the business park at Worle to generate income and hoping to get 6% return for Child Services and Social Services.  Cllrs S Mitchell, M Bowerman and R Taylor will attend these meetings on a regular basis.


The sound system in the Parish Hall is due for service at a cost of over £300.00.  It was felt that as it was serviced in 2015 that it was not necessary at this time.


We have several new councillors and it is important that they attend the ‘New Councillor Course’ which we hope to arrange early in September.


Farleigh Fields:  The Chairman advised councillors that a decision will be made on or before 28 March, hopefully.


Moor Lane, Section 106:  It was discussed again and an explanation had been put on Backwell Parish Council (BPC) website and Facebook, which had received some positive comments.  If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office.  The Chairman also agreed to put it in his Chairman’s Report for the electors meeting on Thursday 26 April.


Bristol Airport Master Plan:  BPC will be attending a meeting shortly with regards to our comments on the proposed airport expansion. It is intended to investigate the serious subject of blight along with many of our residents’ comments from their feedback.  BPC objections can be viewed on our website.


Joint Spatial Plan (JSP):  The 2018/2036 Working Party representing BPC, BRA and BR are on track with seeking and hiring expert advice.  Both a planning expert and transport consultants are already engaged.


A vacancy for a Parish Councillor – closing date Friday 20 April 2018.


Appointing a BPC Planning Committee member – Cllr S Ould to be a member of the Planning Committee.


Communication:  BPC have been looking into better ways to communicate with our residents. We will continue to use our website and Facebook as an additional tool apart from the Village Magazine, and our noticeboards.  Because some of our volunteer councillors have been unfairly targeted with abuse on Facebook, it was decided that no councillor would engage themselves with Facebook on Council matters but refer the person to our council office which is open daily Monday to Friday for further explanations.


BPC have authorised the updating of the Parish Council website.

BPC have been advised that the mobile library will no longer visit the Leisure Centre but will stop in Rodney Road from 2.00 to 4.00 pm on a Monday.  The council is suggesting that it be extended to 4.15 pm to encourage children on the way home from school to use the library.


Enhancement Working Party:  The Chairman asked fellow councillors to make every effort to be available for the Over 60’s Xmas Party on 29 November 2018 and Carols around the Crib on 20 December 2018 as we need everyones’ help.


Highways Working Party:  A highway schedule report has been received with programme detail works during the summer months, they include the following:


  • Westfield Road
  • Church Lane/Town – 20 mph, drawing received of proposals
  • Hyatts Wood Road – it has been noted that vegetation has been cleared and cut back. Cllr S Mitchell would like to be informed of any suspicious activity that may be taken place within this area, eg illegal parking etc.
  • Rubbish being disposed of


Telephone box, Westfield Close:  It is proposed to convert this into a library. It requires to be painted (the Clerk has the correct colour code to be used).  Shelves need to be fitted etc.


Motion – Standing Order 1:  It was felt that we need to look at the agenda in order to   give more information to agenda items. The Clerk follows the NALC guidelines when preparing these.  The Council will review this when we are due to re-adopt our Standing Orders in May.


The next Full Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 5 April 2018 at 7.30 pm in Backwell Parish Hall.  All are welcome to attend.