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Backwell Parish Council’s response to the Bristol Airport Master Plan

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Airport Master Plan. We are very pleased that you have had a good response. According to our register Backwell Parish Council (BPC) represents over 200 homes adjacent to the North Side of the Airport in and around Downside Road, Hyatts Wood Road and The Batch. Although there were some problems in the distribution of the leaflet and questionnaire the Airport staff have met many residents including those 11 living along Downside Road in properties backing onto the car parks. Following the recent presentations and residents feedback please see below our initial feedback about your Master Plan proposals and the key issues that affect our village. Master Plan Scenario Proposals for the Airport's Development up to 2050 Having spoken to many residents, some at the Airport's presentation and others who contacted our Parish Office. Taking into account the information that is currently available through the Master Plan Consultation, [...]

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Statement from Backwell Parish Council on Bristol Airport Master Plan Consultation

Bristol Airport wish to tell Backwell of the dates and places of the various presentations outlining the proposed expansion. The biggest impact will be on Downside and its surrounding area. The two immediate dates that we need to be aware of are Monday the 15th January at the Parish Hall 12 noon till 3 pm and then Saturday 20th January from 11am until 4pm at the Airport Hilton Hotel. […]

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Bristol Airport CPO

Compulsory Purchase Backwell Parish Council has requested our Solicitor to give us advice on Compulsory Purchase. Some of our residents are quite worried, particularly those up at Downside as to their rights and their legal position when someone such as Bristol Airport instigate Compulsory Purchase on 8 properties mentioned in their Airport expansion programme. We will post this advice in the next few days. BPC are also in talks with the Airport about the suggested meeting in Backwell Parish hall on the 15th January 2018 and that transport will be laid on. Cllr Steve Mitchell feels that we need an earlier meeting up at Downside with ourselves and residents to fully explain the Airports intentions and more importantly let them know our concerns. Once arranged we will do a leaflet drop. We will also invite our neighbouring councils to attend.

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