Joint Spatial Plan

January 2019 Joint response to the JSP Technical Documents. December 2017 Backwell Parish Council Consultation Response. Statement for Residents (November 2018).

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North Somerset Issues and Options Consultation

Responses to 4 December 2018 Consultation poster Backwell Parish Council Initial Response (9 October 2018) Backwell Parish Council Detailed Combined Response (4 December 2018) North Somerset Workshop Notes Consultation Responses / Analysis 2019

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Rights of Way Working Party Reports

Footpaths September 2018 Rights of Way Report 7 February 2019 Rights of Way Update (23 April 2019)

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Walking leaflets

A collection of Backwell Walks, including the ‘Backwell Round’, have been published by the Parish Council and are available from the links below. We thank the volunteers who did this work and hope you enjoy! Round Backwell Walks and Map Walk 1 Walk 2 Walk 3 Walk 4 Walk 5 Walk 6 Grove Farm Public Path Map  

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