Present: Cllrs R Taylor (Chairman), M Gibbons-Price, M Bowerman, S Edwards, J Llewellyn, S Ould, R MacLeavy, S Mitchell and H Power

In attendance: Mrs J Stone, Clerk of the Council. District Cllrs K Barclay & G Coombs

Members of the public: 5 members of public present. Ms V Angear, North Somerset


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and pointed out the location of the emergency exits and toilets

1. Apologies

092 Cllrs R Day, K Merryweather, C Perry, J Sear, D Seddon and G Simmonite

2. Declarations of Interest

To receive Councillors’ declarations of interests and to consider any written

application for dispensations

093 Personal interest


094 Prejudicial interest


095 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


3. Minutes (Circulated)

096 The Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on the 5th February 2015 were unanimously confirmed as a correct record by those present at that meeting

4. Public Participation

097 Ms H Walter spoke in support of the grant application for Backwell Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (agenda item 17).

098 Mr M Rose addressed the meeting on behalf of BRA with objections to the Farleigh Fields planning application (agenda item 22d).

099 Mr Rose also spoke regarding the Coles Quarry planning application (agenda item 12), which has now been granted

5. To receive such communications as the person presiding may wish to lay before the Council

100 The Chairman advised members the Police have recently displayed notices advising of thefts in the area.

101 The Chairman informed members he had just attended a meeting at Stancombe

Quarry, and gave details of their Community Fund of £20,000, available to the 3 parishes affected.

102 The Chairman congratulated the Backwell and Flax Bourton branch of the Royal British Legion on their recent award for running the most efficient small branch in 2014. Mrs D Smith, Chairman and Secretary is now retiring, and the Parish Council will send a letter to her

6. To answer questions from Councillors

103 None

7. To receive and consider reports and minutes of Committees

To receive the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on

19th February 2015

104 Noted

8. To receive and consider a report from the Clerk of the Council

a. To receive this report

105 Noted

b. Update on non agenda items

106 None

9. Update on Backwell Future referendum

107 The Chairman spoke regarding the great turnout at last week’s referendum

resulting in a 96% yes vote, and informed members the plan was due before NSC on the 24th March. The Steering Group to step down shortly. Arrangements to be made to print approximately 100 hard copies of the plan

10. Local Green Spaces update

108 The Chairman updated members on the meeting held recently with NSC.

The Parish Council were waiting to hear from NSC once the consultation

process commences, at which time a Working Party will be set up

11. Community Resilience update

109 Cllr H Power informed members a meeting was due to take place shortly

12. Update on Coles Quarry

110 The Chairman informed members that planning consent had now been

granted, with conditions. The S106 monies had been paid

111 The Chairman changed the order of the agenda as follows:

15. To receive and consider draft minutes of Bristol Airport Consultative

Committee meeting held on 28.1.15

112 The Chairman drew members attention to the paragraph relating to the Bristol Airport Local Community Fund

13. To consider application to Bristol Airport Community Fund for £20,000 to enable change in legislation for NSC enforcement re illegal car parking

at Downside

Members discussed this matter

113 Resolved: Unanimously to submit an application for £20,000

14. To consider traffic calming at Downside

Cllr S Mitchell’s comments were noted

114 Resolved: Unanimously a letter be sent to NSC requesting signage

be installed to slow down traffic

16. To consider extension of yellow lines in Westfield Road

The Chairman informed members the yellow lines required extending by

a further 10 metres to 20 metres in total

115 Resolved: Unanimously to request NSC extend the yellow lines by a

further 10 metres

17. To consider request for funding in the sum of £409.99 from Backwell

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers’ (Backwell ABM)

116 Resolved: Unanimously to approve £409.99. Section 137 payment

18. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 20.2.15 regarding

increase in price of emptying dog bins to £252 (plus VAT) per week

Cllr H Power updated members on the situation with the proposed increase

in price for emptying dog bins, and informed members she would be attending a meeting, along with other Parish Councils, with an alternative contractor next week. Discussion also took place as to whether all the bins were necessary,

and how frequently emptying was required

117 Resolved: Unanimously a Working Party be set up to look into this matter,

and to report back at the 2nd April Full Council meeting. The Working

Party to consist of Cllrs H Power, J Llewellyn and R MacLeavy

19. To receive and consider reports from Working Parties of the Council/Cllrs

a. To receive update from Enhancement Working Party

118 The Chairman asked the EWP to look into organising an event to celebrate the successful outcome of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum

b. To receive update from Office Working Party re revision of Standing


119 The Chairman informed members the revision of the Standing Orders

had now been completed, and would be on the 2nd April Full Council

meeting agenda

20. To receive and consider relevant correspondence

All correspondence is available in Parish Office for viewing, and is also available for inspection at the Parish Council meeting

120 Correspondence noted

21. Accounts

a. To receive and consider Receipts and Payments schedule for February 2015 (checked by Cllr J Sear prior to the meeting)

121 Noted

b. To authorise expenditure for the month of February 2015

122 Resolved: Unanimously to authorise expenditure plus cheque no. 102672 to Bristol Airport in the sum of £5,355 (return of their funding, Bristol Airport paying for works)

22. Planning

a. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 13.2.15 re Sites

and Policies Plan Part 1: Development Management Policies

Publication stage consultation: 16th February 2015 – 30th March 2015

123 Resolved: Unanimously the Chairman, Cllrs M Gibbons-Price

and S Mitchell to respond on behalf of the Council

b. To receive and consider email from NSC dated 13.2.15 re

Transport Statement and Transport Assessment Supplementary Planning

Document. All comments to be received by 27.3.15

124 Resolved: Unanimously the Chairman, Cllrs M Gibbons-Price

and S Mitchell to respond on behalf of the Council

To consider the following planning applications:

c. Planning application no. 15/P/0305/WT Bracken Lodge, Church Lane,

Backwell – 1 x Maple tree – fell and 1 x Judas tree – fell – A J Luffman

125 Resolved: Unanimously no comment

d. Planning application no. 15/P/0315/O Land at Farleigh Fields and

54, 56 & 58 Farleigh Road, Backwell – Residential development of up

to 340 new dwellings with supporting infrastructure and facilities

including the demolition of 56 Farleigh Road, creation of new vehicular

access from Farleigh Road, open space, landscaping, drainage infrastructure and other enabling works – Charles Church Developments


126 Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects, and will

respond further with their objections

e. Planning application no. 15/P/0366/F Former Wagon & Horses, Potters

Lane, Felton – Certificate of Lawful Use for the existing site being used

in association with airport parking – Mr Mike Pearce

127 Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects, as they

are of the opinion approval would set a precedent

f. Planning application no. 15/P/0367/F 32C Station Road, Backwell –

Erection of a single storey rear extension following demolition of

existing conservatory – Mr K Mashford

128 Resolved: Unanimously no objection

g. Planning application no. 15/P/0384/F Land to rear of former Ettrick

Garage, West Town Road, Backwell – Erection of no.3 dwellings with

associated car parking and garden areas – Amplan Developments Ltd,

c/o agent

129 Resolved: Unanimously no objection

h. Planning application no. 15/P/0416/F 5 The Croft, Backwell –

Erection of a second storey front extension (5.22sqm) and a single

storey rear extension (21.8sqm); creation of 2 new windows in ground

floor side elevation; erection of part brick and part fence party wall

(1.8m in height) to replace existing party fence; erection of brick wall

(1.8m in height) to replace section of existing fence and hedge along

northern boundary and the repositioning of rear gates to existing

parking space – Mr Chambers

130 Resolved: Unanimously Backwell Parish Council objects, as they

are of the opinion it’s over-development and inappropriate

131 There being no further items of business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 2040 hours