Taylor Wimpey (TW) has, in the last few days, submitted to North Somerset Council (NSC) their final plan and mix for 65 homes on Moor Lane.

Backwell Parish Council (BPC) has worked with both TW and NSC over the last couple years to ensure that the final plan is in accordance with our Neighbourhood Plan and its implications.

There are 22 affordable houses comprising of 6×1 bed flats, 3×2 bed, 8×3 bed and 5×4 bed, all with parking.

The private houses, of which there are 43 in total, comprise of 9×3 bed,in two different styles, 21×4 bed in five different styles, 7x 5 bed, and 6×2 bed bungalows. All properties have separate garages and additional car parking spaces. The internal roads are over 5 metres wide and the whole estate will have over 70 trees, including a swathe of open wildlife area separating the development from the railway track.

BPC are pleased that TW are addressing the bottleneck caused by parking cars in Moor Lane, with help for those residents that live there with additional car parking spaces, whilst deterring the ongoing problem of train users not using the designated car park. The pavement on the right-hand side of Moor Lane will be continued up to the Long-Thorn estate. It is anticipated that the development would start later this year, and be completed before the end of 2019.

Access has to be from Station Road, but site traffic will obviously avoid school times.

The plan is available on the NSC website and BPC will continue to be involved in our part of the S106 Agreement. Should anyone need any clarification please contact the Parish Office.