Fibre broadband

Some parts of the village of Backwell have fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband, but many others do not. We have been told the more people who check availability and then register for fibre broadband here, the higher up the list for implementation Backwell will be. So if you are hoping to have FTTC as soon as possible, please use the above link including entering your postcode and intention to use FTTC when available.

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Update on Parish Council activities May 2018

The Parish Council meeting on 3rd May started with the co-option of a new councillor, Dorothy Baker, usually known as Dot. She was warmly welcomed onto the Council, and we hope her time on the Council will be happy and productive. The Council’s fight to demonstrate that the Joint Spatial Plan is not fit for purpose – this contains the proposal that 700 houses are built up at Grove Farm- continues. An ecologist has been consulted, as well as a highways expert and a transport consultant. MP Liam Fox has written a letter in support of the Council’s position, as well as that of, surrounding parishes which is a positive step. However, there is no doubt that challenging the JSP will cost a great deal of money, and the funding assistance offered by the Backwell Resident’s Association and hopefully Backwell Resistance, will be well used. Concerns about the expansion of [...]

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Update on Parish Council activities March 2018

Under Public Participation: Mr Michael Pratt gave an update on Backwell Youth Club and their application for a further two items of funding which will be considered at the 5 April 2018 Full Council meeting. […]

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Update on Parish Council activities February 2018

Last Thursday’s Full Council meeting started with a presentation from Taylor Wimpey (TW) to Parish Councillors on their Moor Lane planning application, and the final mix of 65 homes which they submitted last week after many months of talks with Backwell Parish Council (BPC) and North Somerset Council (NSC). The breakdown is posted separately on our website, as is the latest explanation of the Farleigh Fields decision and its implications. […]

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Update on Parish Council activities January 2018

The main object of the January meeting was, as always, to consider applications for grants from local charities, clubs and associations, and to set the budget for the coming year. All councillors present declared any interest that they might have with regards to any application e.g. membership of a club, and therefore did not vote when that application was considered. A total sum of £25,950 was set aside for grants for the upcoming year to improve the life of those in Backwell requiring support as well as for some appropriate leisure activities, again for Backwell Residents to enjoy. […]

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Update on Parish Council activities December 2017

Parish Councillors were pleased to hear that the joint circular from the Parish Council, the Residents’ Association and Backwell Resistance had been delivered to all houses in the village. The Chairman, Cllr Bob Taylor, emphasised how important it was that as many villagers as possible should comment on the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP)on the North Somerset Council’s website, using information in the circular as a guide. He also said how pleased he was that the three organisations were working so well together in a common cause. However, as regards the outline proposal for 700 homes at Grove Farm, it would appear that, in theory, Taylor Wimpey (TW) cannot be prevented from submitting an outline application. The Parish Council still intend to meet TW to discuss the feedback received following their presentation, as well as to emphasise the strength of feeling from villagers opposing TW’s plans. All the organisations involved feel that TW [...]

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