Survey about Village Development

We are holding a survey of Backwell resident's views on possible future development. This is in August (despite the holiday month) because North Somerset Council are seeking feedback on an initial document relating to a future Local Plan in early September. Please find: 1. Our survey - this can be completed and submitted either online or by paper. For online please click here or scan the below QR code: A paper version can be downloaded and then printed. 2. We are offering a background document relating to Local Plans written by Lucy White Planning Ltd. 3. A link to the NSC process is here and their on line survey here.    

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Speed limit 20mph

6 August 2020: Further to the text and proposals below (which were published in April 2020), the four formal North Somerset Council documents can be viewed from the links below (from 6 August 2020): 1. Notice of Intent 2. Statement of Reasons 3. Draft Order 4. Map / Plan   Text below from April 2020: Background: Following the implementation of the 20mph speed limit on Station Road, the discrepancy between that and the 30mph limits on the smaller surrounding roads has been highlighted by many residents. Also the resulting use of the smaller roads as “rat-runs” has been disliked, with Backwell Parish Council being asked to try to help. There is initial evidence that the reduced speed on Station Road may have reduced injuries and risk to all road users (including students walking to the senior school) however, it is also true that the traffic calming measures (“humps”) are disliked [...]

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Rodney Road / Scout Hut area development

This is a statement of our initial understanding as on 22 October 2019 of a development proposal for an area near the Backwell Scout Hut accessed from Rodney Road follows and here:   22 October 2019: Statement for Residents on possible Taylor Wimpey Planning Application for land near the Backwell Scout Hut We have been seeking information about a potential planning application in relation to land immediately to the West of the Backwell Scout Hut. To date we have been able to clarify with Taylor Wimpey that: They are consulting and investigating the possibility of applying for approximately 60 houses on this site, accessed from Rodney Road. They have told Backwell Parish Council that they will be holding a public consultation / presentation during the afternoon and into the evening of Thursday 21 November 2019 in the Parish Hall. No planning application has been made and will not be submitted [...]

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JSP Examination letters

The below are two very important letters from the government inspectors who examined the Joint Spatial Plan. We need to hear the response from the four Councils but we consider this very encouraging and suggests our arguments were heard and understood. We will be holding a meeting of the 18-36 Working Party soon to consider next steps.   Letter from Inspectors 1 Letter from Inspectors 2  

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