Humming Bird hawk moth

The photograph of this amazing creature was taken in a Backwell garden in June 2019 (the photographer gave permission for us to share it but does not want to be named). This creature is a moth and, as a result of convergent evolution to match an environmental habitat, it has become incredibly similar to a Humming Bird. Another example of evolutionary convergence may be our hedgehogs and the Australian echidna.

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Backwell is very fortunate to still have some splendid wildlife - but it needs our support. Hedgehogs are easy to love but strangely many people are fearful of snakes. The attached is a picture taken by Mrs J Watts in the Backwell Playing fields and probably because of the strong markings, some people posted on Facebook that it was an adder. Adders are VERY beautiful but small animals that need our protection and are timid and very rarely bite - mostly when they are being attacked. Grass-snakes can be much bigger, like living near water or lower areas (such as Backwell village) and are entirely harmless beautiful creatures. Grass-snakes are the only UK snake to lay eggs (adders give birth to live young) so if you find leathery eggs in a compost-heap they will be grass-snake eggs. All reptiles are protected by law. Dr John Wilkinson (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, [...]