20 March 2021

Statement by Backwell Parish  Council about Farleigh Fields. Backwell Parish Council is aware of a proposal from Persimmon Homes to build 125 houses on part of Farleigh Fields. This is not a planning permission application, rather a consultation process that could lead to one in the future.
The Parish Council will listen to what the developers have to say and discuss the matter at our next meeting. However, our formal response will have to wait until the output from North Somerset’s Local Plan can also be assessed. This should be finalised by Autumn 2021.
Many residents have received a leaflet from Persimmon inviting feedback and of course you are free to make your own comments on the proposal at this point.
Please rest assured that the Parish Council are fully engaged with this issue and will continuously monitor the situation. We are fully committed to keeping our residents informed of any new developments.

22 February 2021

North Somerset reported on the responses to the Local Plan consultation.  The Working Party considered the report and decided no further action was needed until North Somerset publishes its proposals. Report to Full Council.


8 December 2020

Following approval at the Full Council Meeting on 3 December, Backwell Parish Council’s submission to the Choices consultation can be read here. The Local Plan Working Party has now completed this task but plan to re-meet to consider next steps  once North Somerset Council have published their overall summary of the responses – expected in early February 2020.


1 December 2020

The DRAFT Backwell Parish Council responses to the North Somerset Choices questionnaire can now be seen here. These will be discussed for possible sign-off at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 3 December 2020 (item 11).


25 November 2020

The Working Party has agreed its draft response to the Choices consultation, and that will be distributed to all councillors for the Full Council meeting on 3 December 2020.


19 November  2020

We are revising and editing the detailed text of our draft responses, aiming for Working Party sign-off on 25 November for submission to Full Council.


16 November 2020

Peter Soothill attended the North Somerset Choices consultation workshop.


12 November 2020

Meeting with Drummond Forbes (Chair of Backwell Playing Fields Charity).


9 November 2020

Lucy White Planning Ltd was instructed to draft responses to the text sections of the North Somerset Council consultation responses. The Working Party will work on those and then meet Lucy White virtually (date to be agreed) to finalise the proposal to be sent to the Full Council meeting on 3 December 2020.


5 November 2020

Report of Working Party to Backwell Parish Council. The proposals were agreed.


4 November 2020

Meeting with Lucy White (Lucy White Planning).


4 November 2020

SECOND UPDATE FOR THE VILLAGE: North Somerset Council Local Plan Options Consultation is live with a  closing date of 14 December. A poster seeking resident participation is here, and the web site is: www.n-somerset.gov.uk/newlocalplan

Backwell Parish Council Local Plan Working Party has already started the drafting of our response which we will seek approval from at the December meeting of Full Council.


29 October 2020

Meeting with Ian Chambers (Backwell Environmental Trust).


22 October  2020

We met Keith  Riches  (Backwell Residents Association).




15 October 2020

We met Bridget Petty (Backwell North Somerset District Councillor). Meeting notes.


8 October  2020

The first meeting of this working party (WP) was on 8 October at which:

a) Our Terms of Reference were agreed.

b) Peter Soothill was appointed lead of the WP.

c) We decided to meet people who can advise us on the process and the options. The first of these invited consultations is expected on 15 October 2020.

d) The roles of informing the village of the work of this WP and giving realistic expectations were discussed. This post is the first step and we aim to use this as a regular update, but it is likely that in addition one of us will take a lead in communication to interested parties by other means.

Meeting notes.


1 October 2020

On 1 October 2020 Backwell Parish Council (BPC) decided to form a working party (David Lloyd, Derek Seddon, Peter Soothill and Bob Taylor) to consider and guide BPC on our responses to the North Somerset Council Local Plan. A response to the initial announcement of the process was prepared in March 2020 and a response to the “Challenges consultation” in August 2020 (with the expected repetition).

Questions or comments would be welcome and can be sent to: clerk@backwell-pc.gov.uk

In previous years the Development 18-36 Working Party worked on related issues, including the Joint Spatial Plan.