JSP Examination letters

The below are two very important letters from the government inspectors who examined the Joint Spatial Plan. We need to hear the response from the four Councils but we consider this very encouraging and suggests our arguments were heard and understood. We will be holding a meeting of the 18-36 Working Party soon to consider next steps.   Letter from Inspectors 1 Letter from Inspectors 2  

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Joint Spatial Plan

January 2019 Joint response to the JSP Technical Documents. December 2017 Backwell Parish Council Consultation Response. Statement for Residents (November 2018).

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North Somerset Issues and Options Consultation

Responses to 4 December 2018 Consultation poster Backwell Parish Council Initial Response (9 October 2018) Backwell Parish Council Detailed Combined Response (4 December 2018) North Somerset Workshop Notes Consultation Responses / Analysis 2019

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Neighbourhood Plan

Backwell was one of the first villages to develop our neighbourhood plan and have it examined and approved. It can be viewed Adopted Neighbourhood Plan 2015. You can view the Examiners Report October 2014. The referendum results are available. In February 2019, we reviewed the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan, and the report showed that the agreed developments are being implemented at the expected rate.

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Coles Quarry and Recycling Centre

February 2019: Revisions to the 2016 planning application have now been published on the North Somerset Planning website. We encourage residents to read these and make comments if they wish.   June 2018: Backwell Parish Council has been informed that the Coles Quarry Developer has arranged to present the proposed modified planning application for Coles Quarry to any residents who wish to know more, on Tuesday 19 June 2018 from 18:00 – 20:00 in Backwell Parish Hall. […]

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Moor Lane – S106 Agreement

These are facts regarding the S106 Agreement for the Moor Lane Taylor Wimpey Development checked and confirmed with NSC. […]

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