Local Plan Working Party

15 October 2020 We met Councillor Bridget Petty.   11 October 2020 On 1 October 2020 Backwell Parish Council (BPC) decided to form a working party (David Lloyd, Derek Seddon, Peter Soothill and Bob Taylor) to consider and guide BPC on our responses to the North Somerset Council Local Plan. A response to the initial announcement of the process was prepared in March 2020 and a response to the "Challenges consultation" in August 2020 (with the expected repetition).   The first meeting of this working party (WP) was on 8 October at which: a) Our Terms of Reference were agreed. b) Peter Soothill was appointed lead of the WP. c) We decided to meet people who can advise us on the process and the options. The first of these invited consultations is expected on 15 October 2020. d) The roles of informing the village of the work of this WP [...]

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Survey about Village Development

This survey is complete and the results are being examined. A working party  is preparing for the North  Somerset Local Plan and has started work. We will be updating the village here:    

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Rodney Road / Scout Hut area development

This is a statement of our initial understanding as on 22 October 2019 of a development proposal for an area near the Backwell Scout Hut accessed from Rodney Road follows and here:   22 October 2019: Statement for Residents on possible Taylor Wimpey Planning Application for land near the Backwell Scout Hut We have been seeking information about a potential planning application in relation to land immediately to the West of the Backwell Scout Hut. To date we have been able to clarify with Taylor Wimpey that: They are consulting and investigating the possibility of applying for approximately 60 houses on this site, accessed from Rodney Road. They have told Backwell Parish Council that they will be holding a public consultation / presentation during the afternoon and into the evening of Thursday 21 November 2019 in the Parish Hall. No planning application has been made and will not be submitted [...]

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JSP Examination letters

The below are two very important letters from the government inspectors who examined the Joint Spatial Plan. We need to hear the response from the four Councils but we consider this very encouraging and suggests our arguments were heard and understood. We will be holding a meeting of the 18-36 Working Party soon to consider next steps.   Letter from Inspectors 1 Letter from Inspectors 2  

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Joint Spatial Plan

January 2019 Joint response to the JSP Technical Documents. December 2017 Backwell Parish Council Consultation Response. Statement for Residents (November 2018).

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