The Parish Council hold 2 Annual Meetings per year: Annual meeting of the Electorate which must be held between March and June, and is usually held in April, and the Annual Meeting of the Council which must be held in May. The Annual meeting of the Electorate is not a meeting of the Parish Council, but of the electorate and the Chair of the Parish Council calls this meeting and, if present at the meeting, must preside. The Annual Meeting of the Council must be held in May, and in an election year it must take place on or within 14 days after the day on which the councillors were elected. In other years, it may be held on any day in May.

Regular meetings include Full Council (usually at 19:30 on first Thursday of the month), Planning Committee (usually at 19:00 on the third Thursday of the month). Working Party meetings are held in an informal setting and decisions are not made but rather recommendations can be made to Full Council. The Full Council and Planning meetings are both held in the Parish Hall and are open to the public (who are very welcome even if you are just curious). Early in the Full Council meeting and Planning Committee meeting there is slot during which members of the public present are allowed to make short (3 minute) statements / representations to the Council on agenda items only. Although participation by the public is limited to that point in the agenda, the public are welcome to attend the whole meetings as they wish, unless a confidential matter is being discussed, and they would need to leave the meeting at that point.

The dates of the Annual Meeting, Full Council, Planning Meetings and Working Parties are available at the schedules 2019 and 2020 dates. Below under the date of each meeting the Agenda, Minutes and papers of our meetings are available.

Full Council 3 October 2019

0.0 Summons 0.1 Full Council Agenda 3 October 2019 5.0 Full Council Minutes 5 September 2019 7a. Grant Application for [...]

5th September 2019 Full Council

Summons 5.9.19 5.9.19 Full Council meeting agenda 1.8.19 Full Council minutes 5.9.19 Clerk's Report August Police Report NSC New Street [...]

Full Council 1 August 2019

0.0 Summons 0.1 Full Council Agenda 1 August 2019 5.0 Full Council Minutes 4 July 2019 (Draft) 9.0 Planning Minutes [...]

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Planning Committee

JSP Examination letters

The below are two very important letters from the government inspectors who examined the Joint Spatial Plan. We need to [...]

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The Planning Committee considers current planning permission applications and policies. Longer term village plans are considered by the Development 18-36 working party.