Planning Committee 21 November 2019

Agenda Minutes of Planning Committee held on 17 October 2019 Consultation dated 22 October 2019 from Harlequin Group Ltd on Telecommunications proposal at National Car Rental Car Park, Bristol International Airport (response required by 22 November 2019 Consultation dated 1 November 2019 from North Somerset Council reference 18/P/5118/OUT Developments to increase the operational capacity of Bristol Airport Minutes of Planning Committee held on 21 November 2019

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Full Council – 7 November 2019

0.0 Summons 0.1 Full Council Agenda 7 November 2019 4.0 Full Council Minutes 3 October 2019 8.0 Planning Minutes 17 October 2019 (Draft) 9.0 Clerk's Report 10.0 Backwell Police Report October 2019 14.0 Report on meeting at Tarmac Quarry LLG & Community Fund - 9 October 2019 15.0 Report on NSC Summit for Town and Parish Councils on 12 October 2019 16.0 Report for weeding in our village 21a Enhancement Working Party Report 21c Report from the 18-36 Working Party to Full Council 7 November 2019 21c Notes of meeting of 18-20 Working Party with Taylor Wimpey on 21 October 2019 22a Receipts and Payments for October 2019 22c Internal Audit Report (Interim) 2019/20

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Rodney Road / Scout Hut area development

This is a statement of our initial understanding as on 22 October 2019 of a development proposal for an area near the Backwell Scout Hut accessed from Rodney Road follows and here:   22 October 2019: Statement for Residents on possible Taylor Wimpey Planning Application for land near the Backwell Scout Hut We have been seeking information about a potential planning application in relation to land immediately to the West of the Backwell Scout Hut. To date we have been able to clarify with Taylor Wimpey that: They are consulting and investigating the possibility of applying for approximately 60 houses on this site, accessed from Rodney Road. They have told Backwell Parish Council that they will be holding a public consultation / presentation during the afternoon and into the evening of Thursday 21 November 2019 in the Parish Hall. No planning application has been made and will not be submitted [...]

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