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Christmas tree

For over a decade the Parish Council has erected a Christmas tree in the center of the Village, and holds a Carols Around the Crib event in the Parish Hall.

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20 Sept 2018

Agenda 2018 09 20 Minutes 2018 09 20

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16 August 2018

Agenda 2018 08 16 Minutes 2018 08 16

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19 July 2018

Agenda 2018 07 19 Minutes 2018 07 19

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21 June 2018

AGENDA 1. To elect a Chairman     2. Apologies   a. Cllrs M Bowerman and S Edwards     3. a. Declaration of Interests   b. To consider Dispensations       4. Public Participation       5. To approve Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19.4.18 (attached)   6. To consider Appeal APP/D0121/W/18/3199275 – Prospect Place, The Batch, Backwell (Details previously circulated).   7. To consider the following planning applications:   a. Planning application no. 18/P/3384/TPO – Church View, Church Town, Backwell – T1 – Ash – Reduce limbs overhanging neighbouring garage (‘The Glade’) back to boundary line     BACKWELL PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON THURSDAY 21ST JUNE 2018 IN BACKWELL PARISH HALL, BACKWELL, AT 1900 HOURS   Present: Cllrs S Mitchell (Chairman), P Soothill, J Cousins, R MacLeavy, G Simmonite and R Taylor   In attendance: Mrs E [...]

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Planning Committee membership

PLANNING COMMITTEE Mo Bowerman James Cousins Shirley Edwards Richard MacLeavy Steve Mitchell (Chair) Zoe O'Keefe Peter Soothill Bob Taylor

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