Backwell is very fortunate to still have some splendid wildlife - but it needs our support. Hedgehogs are easy to love but strangely many people are fearful of snakes. The attached is a picture taken by Mrs J Watts in the Backwell Playing fields and probably because of the strong markings, some people posted on Facebook that it was an adder. Adders are VERY beautiful but small animals that need our protection and are timid and very rarely bite - mostly when they are being attacked. Grass-snakes can be much bigger, like living near water or lower areas (such as Backwell village) and are entirely harmless beautiful creatures. Grass-snakes are the only UK snake to lay eggs (adders give birth to live young) so if you find leathery eggs in a compost-heap they will be grass-snake eggs. All reptiles are protected by law. Dr John Wilkinson (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, [...]



11 February 2019, AGM in the Backwell Village Club BACKWELL ALLOTMENTS Grow your own fruit, veg and flowers! We currently have no one on the waiting list, which is kept by Backwell Parish Council, owners of the field. At this time of year, the leases are due for renewal and it is usual for a few people to give up. Plots are given out in strict chronological order, so any resident thinking about applying is advised to put his/her name on the list without delay. Keeping a plot tidy and productive needs frequent visits, time and effort, as the weeds enjoy the good conditions as well as the crops! However, the rewards are considerable. Please contact Backwell Parish Council (01275 464653) to register your interest, or Geoff Wells (01275 462627), to find out more. Newcomers will be made very welcome, and at our AGM in the Backwell Village Club on [...]